Stress reduction is very important in today’s business world. We not only help you achieve this, but our aim is to go beyond. We want to train your awareness and teach you to be proactive in your approach to work and life, so stress can be prevented in the future.



We want people to be healthy, to be happy and to be content with their lives. To help them achieve this, we have created our program which focuses on working on the so-called “Three Wealths”. These are “Wealth of the Body”, “Wealth of the Mind” and “Wealth of Life”. Most people are not aware that all three aspects are equally important. They try to live healthily and are mainly content with their lives but nonetheless many people are not really happy. This is because the importance of the mind is often overlooked. For this reason, our program covers all three “Wealths”, with special attention given to the mind and its amazing power.



In the first part of our program we focus on the Wealth of your Body, in other words on your physical health. We introduce you to unique body movement techniques that make your body stronger, healthier and more vital. At the same time these exercises balance your emotions, boost your energy level and reduce the physical symptoms of stress.



In the second part, we help you to achieve happiness by working with your mind. You learn to understand the mind, reduce your stress level and deal with your emotions. We teach you how to train your mind, expand your awareness and thereby start a change inside yourself. The more you work with your mind, the more it is able to achieve. This way you can create your own happiness.



The third part teaches you how to achieve deep contentment with your life. You look into the relationships that you have with yourself and others and learn how to improve them. We teach you how to train your mind in order to achieve the things that you want in life. And we help you to develop the qualities that enable you to lead from within.


There are three visible diseases, which can be observed in the Western world. They are stress, burnout and depression. Many people are now aware of them and are trying to find ways to treat them effectively. What people often don’t realize is that behind these visible illnesses are three invisible diseases, which are the most problematic: They are loneliness, having lost your path and searching for the meaning of life.

Our program was built with this in mind. It understands that these invisible diseases have an effect on the visible ones and wants to treat the root cause. We know that the reason for these invisible diseases is that people are looking outside of themselves when they need to be looking on the inside.

For example, people are not really searching for the meaning of life, but the meaning of themselves. It is also important to be connected to yourself before you can connect with others. This will ease the loneliness.

We want to help people to become aware that they have to lead themselves from within in order to find answers and to become happier in their own mind. To become their own leader. We can’t say what the meaning of life is for each individual, but we can help them to look inside, to discover what gives them meaning and what helps them with their relationships.



Stress does not only come from work pressure and your personal life, it is also about the mindset. This is often the biggest stress factor, because by focusing too much on external circumstances, you lose a lot of energy. You want to have an impact on your business, with clients, in your private life. But since you can’t change other people or the situation around you, this doesn’t work and you end up getting tired and stressed. Other times you might adapt and change yourself too much, you go to the other extreme. You want to be what other people expect of you, to meet their expectations and be perfect. This can make you feel exhausted and stressed.

People often live too much in the past and in the future and forget about living in the now. This program wants to help you to be more in the now and to see what you can really have an impact on. That is just yourself, your own thoughts. It is actually your thoughts that create the most stress and in turn cause a physical reaction in your body. Once you have an impact on your thoughts by increasing your awareness, you will have less stress, both physically and emotionally, and you will be healthier in your relationships. This in turn means also less stress coming from this aspect of your life.


    This can be reduced and prevented by working on your own mindset and learning how your thoughts can have a big impact on your life.


    The physical signs of stress are a reaction of the body to emotional stress. This physical stress is reduced by working on the emotional level.


    Once the emotional and physical stress is alleviated, we also become healthier in our relationships with others. It means that stress stemming from this is much reduced.


What else can you do? If you already participated in our business teaching program or a workshop and want to do more, or if you just want to get an idea of what our program can do, you can find more information here. Some are exercises or information about the mind, others are not directly related to it. You can find general steps to reduce stress; explanations of burnout; information about our energy balance; how emotions have an impact on the health of the body.


If you are not quite ready to embark on our full business teaching program, we also offer different 1-day workshops on the topic of leadership. Tulku Lobsang’s unique approach will make you feel an impact immediately.

The Power of change

Mostly we see change as a problem, not as an opportunity. But in fact, change is very powerful; it has the potential to create something new. The biggest mistake we can make is thinking that we do not need change, because change is part of life.

This also explains why we have an economic crisis. All of our systems are so solid and fixed; they do not leave room for change. Because we make these systems so fixed, they cease to work because they cannot adapt to the changes that occur. Since change is always there, the systems do not work anymore.

In this seminar, Tulku Lobsang teaches us the power of change. Learn insights and wisdom regarding how you can leverage change, as well as techniques to use this opportunity to your greatest advantage.

Authentic Leadership

One of the least spoken of skills of a good leader is having self-knowledge. Knowing oneself is one of the most valuable skills a leader can have.

Having self-knowledge means that you know what your talents are, and what you have to work on or learn. It also means that you are open to receiving answers when you don’t know something and that you can admit you were wrong when you make a mistake.

The biggest pitfall of most leaders is that they think they need to know everything and have all the answers. They may think that they appear weak when they show their limits or faults to others. In fact, this is counterproductive. Whether you admit them or not, those around you see them anyway. If you try to hide your limits, others will have the perception that either you do not know yourself or that you do not have integrity.

Self-knowledge is the basis for every successful leader. Such leaders are authentic. Being authentic means that you can show your employees who you really are and what you really know. This is how you earn respect.

Renewing Your Influence

In the West, leadership means making goals, planning and execution. We also go out of our way to make our employees behave the way that we want. Unfortunately, this translates into a lot of frustration and stress, not only for the leaders, but for everyone in the workplace. Soon we become completely disillusioned with our plans and goals.

Buddhist leadership is effective because of its strong, grounded knowledge of how the human mind works. In the West, we always project onto the other, wanting them to change their ways, but in Buddhism we look to ourselves to see what needs to change. When we try to change others, we not only lose our own sense of self, but in that moment we lose our leadership as well. A good leader should know how to listen to others and how to change himself or herself. Through listening to others and changing oneself, one can better guide other people. Then, the other people are also motivated to change.

What clients say

“We enjoyed the lecture on leadership from Tulku Lobsang. His power is that he is very open-minded to the West – no judgment, just simply a wish to work together. Tulku Lobsang knows the link between spirituality and doing business well and can share this without even mentioning the word “spirituality.” The presentation was fantastic and inspiring, which is why we invited him again.”

COR GILISSENOwner I IVVL Initiatief Voor Vernieuwend Leiderschap

“Tulku Lobsang’s kind and open-minded way of teaching is a great approach for our business people, and the teachings can be translated into real business-place wisdom. The results – more awareness, better motivation, more health and a good work-life balance, which is the base of Western life – are important tools for working people. Tulku Lobsang is a unique teacher and seminar partner for me.”


“Tulku Lobsang inspired me by his kindness, his humour and his good teachings. Through this training I discovered how to develop my personal leadership. He inspired me to action, not only words or thoughts. I use the content of the teachings, the meditation and the exercises in my everyday life. It helps me to heal from my burn-out and hopefully never get into it again.”

KIM CORENSTeam Manager | Colruyt Group

“This program has given me the confidence to change what no longer works for me. It has taught me that it is a matter of taking small steps every day instead of dreaming big but staying on the same spot. The program was actually a big wake up call for me.”

HILDE CERSTELOTTEHR Department Head | Colruyt Group


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