• Leading by living your full potential.

    Do you want to be successful in your business and in your life? Then join our program. We help you to become the master of your body, the master of your mind and the master of your life so that you can lead by living your full potential.



We want people to be healthy, to be happy and to be content with their lives. To help them achieve this, we have created our program which focuses on working on the so-called “Three Wealths”. These are “Wealth of the Body”, “Wealth of the Mind” and “Wealth of Life”. Most people are not aware that all three aspects are equally important. They try to live healthily and are mainly content with their lives but nonetheless many people are not really happy. This is because the importance of the mind is often overlooked. For this reason, our program covers all three “Wealths”, with special attention given to the mind and its amazing power.



In the first part of our program we focus on the Wealth of your Body, in other words on your physical health. We introduce you to unique body movement techniques that make your body stronger, healthier and more vital. At the same time these exercises balance your emotions, boost your energy level and reduce the physical symptoms of stress.



In the second part, we help you to achieve happiness by working with your mind. You learn to understand the mind, reduce your stress level and deal with your emotions. We teach you how to train your mind, expand your awareness and thereby start a change inside yourself. The more you work with your mind, the more it is able to achieve. This way you can create your own happiness.



The third part teaches you how to achieve deep contentment with your life. You look into the relationships that you have with yourself and others and learn how to improve them. We teach you how to train your mind in order to achieve the things that you want in life. And we help you to develop the qualities that enable you to lead from within.


Through knowing and understanding the wealth of life, the wealth of the body and the wealth of the mind, you can access your full potential. This is the way to let your potential grow so that you are able to develop into a truly great leader for yourself and others. This program also teaches you how to reduce stress, by gaining more insight into the relationship between stress and worldly wisdom, as well as the relationship between stress and the functioning of body and mind. In addition to knowledge and self-awareness, we give you practical tools to transform your thoughts and physical stress.

We start by working on the body, in order to remove blockages and relieve physical symptoms of stress. It is also more comfortable for people to start with this aspect. In the next step, we focus on the more subtle level, the mind. We want to train and expand the awareness, the functionality of the mind. The last part is learning how to transform your life and in this way to finish this cycle of improvement.

Who is Tulku Lobsang?

Tulku Lobsang Rinpoche is a highly respected Buddhist master and Doctor of Tibetan Medicine who has been traveling the world since 2002 to spread his unique knowledge. The basis of his teachings is the ancient Tantrayana wisdom that is the foundation of Tibetan Buddhism and which focuses on self-transformation. Therefore, Tulku Lobsang’s teachings offer profound and empowering insights into how we can develop ourselves to be as high functioning and effective as possible.

Additionally, Tulku Lobsang is deeply trained in the area of Buddhist Psychology. Buddhist Psychology provides a wealth of knowledge regarding exactly how the mind functions. It includes powerful principles for sculpting the mind to adapt to any condition. In this way, we can overcome obstacles and accomplish our goals.

Tulku Lobsang has extensive experience teaching in the business world. His charismatic and humorous style catches everyone’s attention, while his incisive manner cuts right to the heart of the issue, leaving attendees motivated and inspired.


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